a. Overview

The Trinidad and Tobago Bureau of Standards as the national standards body, national certifying body, national laboratory accreditation body and national measurement institute procures a combination of goods, works and services to fulfil its various mandates. In the course of doing business, the procurement is funded through a combination of recurrent, Public Sector Investment Programme and other donor/ project related funds. TTBS is a member of the CARICOM Regional Organization for Standards and Quality (CROSQ) and as such procurement notices for that organization may also appear.

b. General Procurement Notices

Expression of Interest (EOI) – Accreditation Knowledge Management System (AKMS)

c. Disposal of Public Property and Items

None at this time.

d. Procurement Schedule

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

e. Contract Awards

Belec Power & Energy Solutions Ltd High Voltage Rectification works – Replacement of Transformers N/A 27th July 2021 Upon satisfactory completion of the project           504,350.00
BK Holdings Limited Waste Disposal Services 1 year 1st June 2021 31st May 2022               9,624.00
Harry Persad & Sons Limited Low Voltage Rectification Works N/A 15th July 2021 Upon satisfactory completion of the project           183,150.00
Lori-Ann Keane Consultant – Lab Accreditation Services 8 months 1st May 2021 31st December 2021             50,000.00
PBS Technologies (Trinidad) Limited Supply, Installation, Configuration, Commissioning and Support Services of a Microsoft Validated Two Node Azure Stack Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solution N/A 27th September 2021 Upon satisfactory delivery of the system           250,510.00
Process Components Limited (ProCom) Maintenance of Generator 1 year 27th May 2021 26th May 2022               9,205.00
Progressive Recruitment Specialists-JobsTT Job Posting Services 2 years 20th April 2021 19th April 2023             25,000.00
Survival Systems Limited Maintenance of fire suppression system 2 years 24th May 2021 23rd May 2023             12,000.00
The Jamaica Automobile Association (Services) Limited Vehicle Fleet Card Management N/A July 2021 N/A                 315.00
Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) Mobile Contract 3 years 22nd February 2021 21st February 2024           415,656.00
Walthamstow Engineering & Construction Ltd Air Conditioning Maintenance Services 2 years 7th September 2021 6th September 2023           168,325.00
Updated: 2021-09-30

f.  Policy and Procedures – coming soon
g. Prequalified Suppliers – coming soon
h. Frequently Asked Questions – coming soon